Friday, December 10, 2010

C++ Language FAQ

What is C++?

C++ is a programming language. It literally means "increased C", reflecting its nature as an evolution of the C language.

Is it necessary to already know another programming language before learning C++?

Not necessarily. C++ is a simple and clear language in its expressions. It is true that a piece of code written with C++ may be seen by a stranger of programming a bit more cryptic than some other languages due to the intensive use of special characters ({}[]*&!|...), but once one knows the meaning of such characters it can be even more schematic and clear than other languages that rely more on English words.
Also, the simplification of the input/output interface of C++ in comparison to C and the incorporation of the standard template library in the language, makes the communication and manipulation of data in a program written in C++ as simple as in other languages, without losing the power it offers.

How can I learn C++?

There are many ways. Depending on the time you have and your preferences. The language is taught in many types of academic forms throughout the world, and can also be learnt by oneself with the help of tutorials and books. The documentation section of this Website contains an online tutorial to help you achieve the objective of learning this language.

What is OOP: Object-oriented programming?

It is a programming model that treats programming from a perspective where each component is considered an object, with its own properties and methods, replacing or complementing structured programming paradigm, where the focus was on procedures and parameters.

Is C++ a proprietary language?

No. No one owns the C++ language. Anyone can use the language royalty-free.

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